WCI Blayney Blades – Coming Together

On Thursday 21 July WCI Blayney Blades held a conference “Coming Together” supported by the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission with 50 women in attendance.

Bernie Bradley who previously worked with Monaghan County Council and now works with the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission was our guest speaker on the day

Blayney Blades previously held six workshops to discuss the barriers and challenges that affect women in their daily lives. The main challenges highlighted were: Childcare, Carer’s, Age Friendly, Social Inclusion, Mental Health Issues, Women who are Trafficked, Non-Irish Women and Women in Direct Provision.

On the day there was a lively discussion with lots of questions regarding the issues highlighted at the workshops. Bernie was more than happy to answer the questions and there was a great debate regarding the Marriage Ban and the legislation that is been discussed at the moment regarding Women in the Home.

Lorraine Cunningham Coordinator of Blayney Blades spoke about her visit to the United Nations in New York last week. She spoke with Angela Reed Head of Mercy Global Action, Representative to the United Nations, Angela discussed the importance of the need to highlight the issues surrounding the ongoing trafficking of women worldwide.

To finish off the day before breaking for a beautiful lunch Rose Laverty, facilitated a “Meditation and Me Time” which the women really enjoyed. Rose’s displays on the day incorporated  beautiful colours from both the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission and  WCI Blayney Blades logos.

WCI Blayney Blades would like to thank the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission for funding this programme and Bernie Bradly who took time out from her busy schedule to be with us on the day.  We are delighted with the success and outcomes this programme generated.

A big thank you to the women who participated and shared their stories. This will enable Blayney Blades to continue our work in promoting and highlighting these challenges and barriers that continue within our communities on a daily basis.

WCI Blayney Blades – Coming Together

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