WCI Community Grassroots Weaving All Island Connections Project

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WCI Community Grassroots Weaving All Island Connections project aimed to engage, connect and create opportunities for grassroots women from diverse communities across the Island to come together to share skills, life experiences, challenge their perceptions of each other and increase their knowledge and mutual understanding.
The project connected grassroots women from diverse communities, rural, urban and border communities and from different social, economic and cultural backgrounds.
Groups connected:
WCI South Kerry & Portglenone.
WCI North Leitrim & Women of Clonduff, Hilltown (Newry/Mourne)
WCI Ronanstown & Shankill Women’s Centre.
Delivered in Partnership with
Northern Ireland Rural Women’s Network (NIRWN) and Shankhill Women’s Network.

The context and rationale behind the project is based on the continued exclusion and isolation of women on both sides of the border, and the subsequent negative impact this continues to have on social and economic development, and the building of a peaceful and progressive society with a shared vision for the future.
Women have long been identified and given special recognition as having a key role in building and sustaining peace, particularly at a local level. The role of women in society and within local communities, their knowledge, experience, understanding and unique perspective on peace and reconciliation issues is recognised globally as a vital component in ensuring lasting peace and rebuilding post conflict communities. Women play a significant role in building and rebuilding relationships within divided communities, their influence impacts not only on their families but out into the wider community.

The project aimed to address this deficit and through a series of interventions and actions enhance women’s collective voice to work together to advance women’s social, economic, cultural, and political equality.

WCI held 6 On Line ‘Connecting Workshops’
Charmain Jones – Facilitator South Kerry & Portglenone Partnership
Paula Flanagan – Facilitator North Leitrim & Hilltown (Newry/Mourne) Partnership
Ruth Taillion – Facilitator Ronanstown & Shankill Partnership

Nessa Finnegan – Creative Arts Facilitator (working across all 3 partnerships) Art is Activism : Zine creation session.

WCI Community Grassroots Weaving All Island Connections project had a final WCI Community Grassroots Weaving All Island Connections in person Residential in Carrickdayle Hotel with the fabulous grassroots women from north and south. Two days of connecting, talking, planning, being creative through dance and poetry to bring about change and action! WCI  along with our partners NIRWN & Shankhill Women’s Centre

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WCI Community Grassroots Weaving All Island Connections Project

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