Women’s Collective Ireland Grassroots Women’s Manifesto – Launch

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Women’s Collective Ireland (WCI) Grassroots Women’s Manifesto – Launch

It is the experience of Women’s Collective Ireland (WCI) Projects that, the women with whom we work, have the clearest view of the effects of government policies on their lives and those of their families and communities. Women’s Collective Ireland have engaged with local women in the communities where we work to listen and hear their voices. WCI’s manifesto document was born out of these dynamic conversations and we are proud to launch our updated manifesto as we enter into pre-elections in Ireland. Our manifesto is the voice of grassroots women, living in local communities. WCI call on politicians to ensure the inclusion of grassroots women’s voices in policy and decision-making spaces

There is an awareness that in order for the voices of women from working class backgrounds to be heard; there is a need for all of the connected groups to come together and be heard, as one strong collective voice on issues that are affecting us, as women and families in our area. This is about political action. Our manifesto is about identifying what the main issues are on a national level and on a more specific locally. It is about informing the politicians – that come knocking on our doors, just what the demands of women in our communities are, and there is no better time to do this work than now, in this critical pre-election time.

The Aim of WCI Manifesto:

• To share our WCI feminist Manifesto. Grow your local movement today !

• To reflect on WCI women’s demands at pre-election time.

• To use a piece work which grassroots women in local communities have developed.

• To make sure our issues are on the political agenda.

• 17 projects nationwide distributing a current and relevant WCI Grassroots Manifesto to women in their communities.


Ways you can use this Manifesto document.

• Use as a tool for discussion on Women’s issues.

• Name your local issues

• Use as a prompt for issues you wish to discuss with politicians looking for your vote.

• Share it with your friends and family.

You can read our Women’s Manifesto in the link below. 


Women’s Collective Ireland Grassroots Women’s Manifesto – Launch

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