NCCWN North Leitrim Women’s Centre – COVID to Calm Online Course

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COVID to Calm – New 4 Week On-Line Course for Women

These past months have been a very challenging and anxious time time for all of us. Over this four week program, Sara Anderson, Life Coach, with be sharing lots of tips and tools to help you relax, feel good about yourself, and become more aware of what we might be needing to really help us move positively forward in life, no matter what life presents.

Participants will explore mindfulness, gratitude and learn about self compassion – how to be kind to ourselves. Often as women, we learn to be kind and caring to others and sometimes we do not extend that same care to ourselves.

Self compassion is about developing that positive relationship with oneself. In this course, we also get in touch with our strengths, and explore what supports us in moving forward. It is about helping you to feel good about yourself.

Sara’s courses are very diverse and interactive. There will be talks, presentations, videos, groups discussion and many other activities

To take part register by:
clicking this link  or by phone 071 9856220 or email: 

NCCWN North Leitrim Women’s Centre – COVID to Calm Online Course

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