W.O.M.A.N. 2 WOMAN - WRAPPED IN OUR MOTHERING ARMS NOW on Tuesday 9th of March from 10.00 - 12.00pm As part of our NCCWN Dublin Regional International Women’s Day Festival 2021.

A Workshop in acknowledgement & to offer support for the women who resided in the Mother & Child Homes in Ireland.

About this Event
We open our arms to these women and wrap them in a mothering embrace. A simple act of support, a hug, a woman opens her arms and wraps them around another woman acknowledging her pain, offering comfort, solace and empathy. This is an intuitive act of kindness and is something which was denied to many women while residing in Mother & Child Institutions. Now with Covid-19 lockdown restrictions it is still not possible to meet with survivors, so this workshop offers women the chance to create a virtual embrace, to reach out, to extend open arms to all the women, victims and survivors of Mother and Child Institutions. In reminiscence to hold another woman in a warm embrace, woman to woman, arm in arm, heart to heart, is an act of humanity, a non verbal way of connecting, of communicating a sense of motherly love.

This is an artistic workshop and you will need the following materials:

Strong Cardboard( from box) or Stiff White paper (A3)

Decorative Wrapping Paper, Roses, Hearts, Abstract, Baby etc

Glue stick or cello tape

Pens, markers, crayons or paints


Place your arm on the sheet of paper and outline from elbow down including open hand. Repeat on 2nd sheet of paper.

Cut out the two arms and turn one over so that you have a right arm and left arm. (thumbs together)

Select some decorative wrapping paper and using the cardboard arms as templates outline two more arms on the wrapping paper.

Cut out wrapping paper.

Glue the wrapping paper on to the back of each cardboard arm

These are your virtual hug.

Decorate the non wrapping paper side with **words /designs

** Select from words, text or poems provided by facilitator to say what you want to these women survivors or use your own words to write on each arm what you would say if you could meet them face to face.

e.g. So sorry for your loss, I See You, I Am Here For You, I Feel Your Loss, I Feel Your Pain, Your Grief is My Grief, I Am With You, Sending You Love.

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